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Automatic Centrifuge - CA

Automatic Centrifuge - CA


The machine is suitable to dry/drain by means of centrifugal force, fresh products for packed fresh vegetables (leafy vegetables such as spinach, salad, basil), products intended to be stored (olives, artichokes in oil, mushrooms, etc.) or to be frozen.

Available in the models MAXI (basket diam. 675 mm) and SUPER MAXI (basket diam. 875 mm).


  • Careful and product caring drying (particularly in case of delicate leafy vegetables);
  • Possibility of sizing and manufacturing configuration to suit specific process needs, output per hour and line lay-out needs;
  • Complete automation of the process from the control panel with automatic management of production parameters such as intensity and duration of centrifugation according to product characteristics and to water volume to be drained;
  • Easy access to the inner components for cleaning and maintenance."

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