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AV550 is a packaging machine fitted with a lower film reel, therefore the product is already in the film when entering the machine.

This feature together with the machine ability to work with variable pitch, allows to pack challenging products like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, iceberg, salad heads or produces in stalks like celery, fennel, leek, even contemporarily; bakery products, sausage meat.

This machine is able to flow pack and shrink cm 20x30, cm 30x40, cm 30x50 carton boxes as well. A sophisticated, but at the same time easy-to-use electronics, controls all the machine functions and the accessories as well: sealing jaws for special applications, kit for shrink film, modified atmosphere option.

By means of a “beam” photocell the machine easily detects wide leaves products or products in bunches, like banana. The feeding system consists of a conveyor belt, already included in the standard machine. AV550 can process different type of plastic films, like polypropylene, laminated one-side or both-sides heat sealable, shrink film.

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) max 60 - 70
Film width max 1100 mm
Product width min 120 – max 300 mm
Product length min 120 - max 800 mm
Clearance between jaws min 30 – max 200 mm
Electrical consumption 3,5 KW
Compressed air consumption 270 NL/min

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