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Blades' Pack Cutting Machine

Blades' Pack Cutting Machine


The machine was designed and built to cut in regular pieces, vegetable products in leaves.

It is ideal for working placed in a production line, in close contact with the feeding machinery and that receiving.
In particular (with appropriate customization) it is suitable for the positioning in the terminal part of a preparation belt, sharing with it a conveyor belt and receiving direct feeding of product.

Constructed of stainless steel AISI 304, complete with:
- Linear loading belt with pulling by motor driven roller (adjustable speed).
- Tilting upper conveyor belt with pneumatic system for regulation of the pressure and pulling by motor driven roller (same speed of the lower conveyor belt).
- Cutting device with pack of circular blades, with variable speed (inverter) and transmission by self-braking motor.
- Electric system for the lifting of the blades’ pack (= use of the machine only for products’ conveying).
- Quick extraction system of the blades’ pack.
- Water supply on the blades’ pack, to improve the efficiency.
- Manual tool for sharpening the blades directly on the machine
- Safety Microswitches (antiacid).
- Electrical panel with stainless steel box (anticondensate strength), inverter and potentiometers to adjust the speeds.
- Adjustable stainless steel feet, at the base.

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