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Boxes filling machine RVA100

Boxes filling machine RVA100


RVA100 for high performance and precision in filling cardboard or plastic boxes. It is the 2-Axis Pick and Place by GNA srl combinable with flow pack packaging machines. Automatically transfers flow-packed trays into boxes, can be easily sanitized.

RVA-100 Innovation 2014 in GNA srl range of filling systems. Can be combined with every flow pack packaging machine and is suitable for filling various box types both made of carton and of plastic, containing flowpacked punnets/trays. RVA-100 can automatically forward punnets into boxes or cartons. Punnets are transported by means of a specific belt and, as an option, they can be rotated on it; they are then collected together, until they form a complete line (layer). The punnets in line are moved into boxes by means of a gentle handling of the products.
The structure is made of stainless steel. The Control with latest generation PLC and Touch Screen panel allows to create production recipes in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to three brushless servomotors, high performance and precision in boxes filling can be achieved. The electrical panel located inside the machine allows the reduction of overall dimensions, making RVA-100 easy to clean.

Both carton as well as plastic boxes can be processed.


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