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Flow Pack packaging machine Marlin

Flow Pack packaging machine Marlin


Compact, versatile and reliable. Highly customizable, its structure in stainless steel makes it suitable for packing products in several industry sectors like fruit&vegetables, bakery, dairy, confectionery. Produces up to 90 packs per minute.

Marlin is a very versatile and reliable packaging machine, suitable to achieve high performances in the fresh-cut sector, in fruit and vegetables branch and in the food industry in general (bakery products, sausage meat, cheese, sweets etc.).Entirely made of stainless steel, can be equipped with a wide range of accessories which can be added to the standard version, making the machine highly customizable.

The packaging material is placed in the upper structure of the machine. By means of three pairs of rollers, one for pulling, one for lengthwise sealing and one for fin fold, and two crosswise sealing jaws, the machine delivers a perfectly sealed and consistent bag.The upper crosswise jaws with their rotary operation allow constant fluid movements of the products to be flow-wrapped, therefore permitting automatic feeding.

All the motors are controlled by inverters and managed by a high-performance electronics.

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) min 20 – max 90
Film width max 600 mm
Bag length min 120 - max 500 mm
Product width min 70 - max 200 mm
Clearance between jaws max 195 mm
Electrical consumption 2.5 KW
Compressed air consumption 15 NL/min


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