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Flow Pack packaging machine Vaquita

Flow Pack packaging machine Vaquita


Special flow-wrapper for packaging round fruits with and without trays. It produces up to 80 packs/min.

Vaquita by GNA srl is a horizontal flow pack packaging machine, reliable and customizable, ideal for high performance in the packaging of loose fruits/vegetables and small trays. It represents a specifically designed solution for the packaging of round fruits and can be equipped with an automatic synchronizing unit for high-speed feeding and packaging of trays.
The machine infeed features three chains with a wider table top, newly designed silicone teeth, suitable for the transfer of nude and delicate products, anti-friction side belts, upper rail belt, which receives and drives the products in the sealing area, lower belts that gently guide the products out of the machine. Very flexible and modular: it is possible to extend the machine infeed to obtain a smoother production cycle. Speed: up to 80 cycles/min, according to the specific characteristics of each product. The transport of the product on the frictionless feeding avoids damaging the fruit.

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) min 20 – max 80
Film width max 800 mm
Bag length min 150 - max 470 mm
Product width min 70 - max 200 mm
Clearance between jaws max 105 mm
Electrical consumption 3,5 KW
Compressed air consumption 15 NL/min


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