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Gravity Filling Machine

Gravity Filling Machine


The machine is suitable to fill glass or metal containers with preserving fluid (brine or acetic solutions) containing vegetable products (olives, bulb onions, cucumbers, cooked legumes, etc.).


- High-performance technical solution which at the same time is convenient for limited production needs; furthermore, the machine doesn’t need to be adjusted while working, being the adjustment made before   production start, sufficient;
- Adaptability to various container formats without any need of equipment replacement;
- Minimal production loss thanks to an efficient recovery and recirculation system performed – with hygiene protection – by means of proper filtration;
- Long-lasting filling components and quick replacement of the same;
- Complete automation and continuous process cycle configuration (product feeding, setting/keeping of the desired temperature – in case of heating need -, conveyor forward speed adjustment);
- Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance;
- Possibility of machine sizing according to specific production needs.

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