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Rotary Vacuum Filling Machine

Rotary Vacuum Filling Machine


The machine is suitable to fill vacuum glass or metallic containers - containing vegetables or fruits - with preserving fluids such as oil, vinegar, brine, syrup. The machine is also capable to fill sauce, tomato sauce, chopped tomato and sauces containing small pieces of cooked vegetables.


VACUUM FILLING VALVES: are made without scrapings or springs, thus being stable and still during operation. The product contained inside the reservoir automatically feeds valves, without any need of connecting pipes. Advantages are therefore an excellent tightness of valves and very easy and quick cleaning operations.
FORMAT CHANGE: a really quick and easy operation.
HEAD THICKNESS REPLACEMENT: these thicknesses are interlocked and easily replaceable by hand. They have to be interposed on the rubber seals laid upon the container neck   during the filling stage (the bigger their thickness, the lesser the fluid volume filled into the container).
- The machine doesn’t require to be regulated during operation as the adjustments made before the production cycle start, are sufficient.

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