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Thanks to its innovative technical features, which highlight accuracy and efficiency, the Tray Filler mod. V80/S represents the perfect solution for filling trays of various sizes and shapes (round, rectangular, square).

The tray filler V80/S, is designed with octagonal frame, which permits to fully customize the positioning of the optional belts.

AISI 304 stainless steel is the only component of the structure, the panels and boards of the machine. It allows a high sanitization and cleaning standard. According to the different needs, several accessories are available to be added to the V80/S basic model.

Brushless engines allow high performances:
- High speed
- Accuracy, by the rotational movement of the aluminum disc and pressing through a double-pusher.

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) max 80
Tray height min 40 - max 110 mm
Electrical consumption 3 KW
Compressed air consumption 200 NL/min

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