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This line is a complete solution to create perfectly packed products, whose qualities are fully preserved. 

The line is suitable for several types of products, in particular for lettuce, baby leaf and fresh-cut: it can process even the most sensitive produce in a gentle way and accurately.

The line is modular and customizable and can be completed with accessories and specific machines for the desired result.

The product coming from the processing line is checked on the sorting belt (1) and conveyed by means of an elevator belt (2) to the multihead weigher (3); according to the production flow, the denester (4) prepares the empty trays and transports them to the octagonal filling system (5). Once filled, the trays are conveyed to the flow pack packaging machine (8) through an automatic synchronization system (7),  suitable even for the most delicate produce.

Constituent parts:

1) Sorting belt, for selection and check of the product

2) Elevator belt, for product transport to the weighing machine

3) 14 channels Multihead Weigher, for high weighing accuracy

4) Denester, prepares the empty trays to be filled

5) Octagonal filling carousel V80S, grants precise and gentle filling

6) Buffering belt, controls the transport of the punnets conveyed to the flow pack machine

7) Automatic synchronization device, determines the correct entrance phase of the punnets into the machine infeed and grants a gentle and efficient flow

8) Horizontal Flow Pack packaging machine Marlin

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