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Weigher VBR30

Weigher VBR30


VBR30 is a twin-lane linear weigher, has an excellent value for money. Designed for the following sectors: fresh produce leafy and/or cut, deep-frozen products and dried fruits. Runs up to 25 drafts/min.

The twin lane automatic weigher is a machine designed and developed for fresh-cut (leafy and cut) produces, frozen products and dried fruits. Entirely made of stainless steel, it is the result of the best quality-price ratio on the market and it is provided with:

a mechanic vibrator
a rotating system which grants a level layer of product
a belt suitable for conveying any kind of product to the buckets
The PLC unit makes machine operations user-friendly with formats which are easily programmable.

Main technical data

Weighing speed max 25 drops/min
N° of weighing heads 2
Max draft 5 kg
Electrical consumption 3 KW
Compressed air consumption 100 NL/min


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