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M.T.S 60


The M.T.S 60, is the packaging machine suitable for medium / high production, extremely versatile, is designed to fit easily within existing automated lines, customizable with multiple solutions loading trays: “chain conveyor, glifo or automatic positioning system”, is available with single or double row of loaded trays, feeding on the right or left side of the machine, depending on different production requirements.

The M.T.S 60 is designed to guarantee the best performance in the trays packaging, the strengths are: totally mechanics welding mold transmission, continuous positioning trays and modified atmosphere packaging.

The full opening on both sides of the security carters and the choice to place the transmission in the top, allow to have a single machine plan, further improving the accessibility and facilitating the cleaning operations.

Main technical data

Dimensions 3600 x 1030 x 1700 mm. (compact)
Weight 1400 kg.
Elettrical feeding 400 volts + 3ph + Ground (400V+ 3ph + T)
Eletrical consumption 11 kw
Pneumatical feeding 6/7 Bar (continuous)
Pneumatic consumption 5,5 NL / Cycle
Maximum size 670 x 300 mm.
Maximum depth of containers 120 mm.
20/23 cycles/min. (Standard atmosphere) *
Maximum productivity 10/12 Cycles/min. (Modified atmosphere 0.1% Residual)*

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